Landscape Design Melbourne

Cheswick Consultants offer a quiet, friendly and heart-centred approach to designing and managing gardens.

We are often engaged in the early phases of :

to avoid mistakes both in design and cost estimates to and so facilitate a successful project delivery for your family, community, organisation or business.

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With over 25yrs in the landscape industry Cheswick Consultants can provide solid, qualified and practical advice to your projects whatever their size and budget. This avoids the chance of your landscape project being built with great fanfare and enthusiasm, becoming neglected after a few years and put in the ‘too hard’ basket because it was built without proper consultation, planning, understanding of costs and management requirements.


  • Small, medium, large landscape projects, balconies, terraces, courtyards, atriums.

  • Healing, sensory, therapy and contemplative landscapes.

  • Japanese, English, Native Australian, Indian, Balinese.

  • Community and development masterplanning, vegetation surveys.

We have provided impartial advice and design services for over 25yrs experience specialising in consultation, conceptualisation and detailed development of small to medium sized gardens and landscapes.

Award winners at MIFGS, we are able to supervise the construction of hard and soft-landscaping, managing experts whose skills together with modern methods and equipment, deliver beautiful gardens and public realm spaces.

We take pride in our gardens and landscapes. Like all living projects they flourish and mature with age and we can supervise and manage garden and landscape maintenance experts who work to ensure that your outdoor space always looks well-presented.

'Jai Cheswick formed a real partnership with us over several months - his approach to engaging with us made the design process a real showed us that enjoyment doesn't just come from the use of a beautiful garden; but also from our connectivity to what's in the space.'

- Anthony Drill (Principal), Queen of Peace Parish Primary School