Who can benefit ?

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We welcome connection with people who are experiencing stress, anxiety and other mental health problems and feel that our garden based programmes would be of benefit in helping to address the issues which affect their lives.

  • In choosing new clients, we will consider people who are:

  • Open to personal development and change in their lives.

  • Able to take responsibility for themselves and if required work with with others with an attitude of respect and co-operation.

  • Willing to join in our programmes to the best of their ability.

  • Competent in basic living skills and are able to attend to their own personal care, as we do not provide support in this area.

  • Able to share the same working space without causing distress or harm to others.

  • Prepared to link in with mental health services and comply with any agreed treatment plans.

  • Able to manage their own medication.

Applications will not be considered from those with a history of risk to others such as aggression, violence, verbal abuse, serious harm caused, sexually inappropriate behaviours, convictions for violent and sexual offences, threats to harm others, arson/fire setting, incidents involving the Police, stalking and harassment, risk to children.

  • We are unable to accept applications from those whose primary problem is drug or alcohol abuse.

  • We are not an alternative to acute hospital admission for those in crisis.

  • The minimum age of our clients is 21.

  • We expect clients to commit themselves to a minimum of 6-12 months when they join our programmes.