What others have to say.

Garden Design

“Jai was a delight to work with in the design of my garden. He listened intently to all my 'weird and wonderful' ideas and interpreted them in a practical yet creative manner. I love the outcome and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Cheswick Gardens.”

Susie Bunn

Garden Design and Installation

"Thanks for your fantastic work with transforming our outdoor areas into the wonderful landscapes that we have now. They will improve both our physical standard of living and emotional outlook for the future. Just great work really."

Michael Deutscher, Amicore Australia

School Garden Design and Indicative Cost Estimate

"Cheswick Gardens fulfilled all our needs in designing an educational, social and reflective garden space at Queen of Peace Parish Primary School.

Jai Cheswick formed a real partnership with us over several months - his approach to engaging with us made the design process a real joy...it showed us that enjoyment doesn't just come from the use of a beautiful garden; but also from our connectivity to what's in the space.

His sensitivity to our requests and his regular dialogue with us meant we feel like we have also played a part in the creation of a beautiful space.  He offered practical and honest advice throughout his consultation process and delivered all his promised services in a timely manner. He was also respectful of our budget and honest about what we could achieve with it.

Jai's provision of indicative material costs and advice on material suppliers was also valuable - it meant we felt some level of guidance on the construction phase, even after the design process ended. Jai's design speaks for itself - it will ensure the transformation of an empty paddock into an idyllic space where we can learn, gather, socialise or pray.

This garden will serve our staff, children and parish community for years to come. We look forward to achieving the great design he has provided in construction and would recommend Cheswick Gardens to anyone who wants a garden designed by a highly skilled, honest and friendly person." 

- Anthony Drill (Principal), Queen of Peace Parish Primary School


Jai took time out of his busy schedule to provide my students with a glimpse into his professional experience and wisdom. The whole group really enjoyed the session and gained valuable insights into the professional realm.

Their feedback was that Jai provided fantastic information that was really down-to-earth and practical. His years of experience and obvious expertise shone through and provided an excellent example to the student group as to how to navigate the landscape design profession.

Many thanks Jai.

Miffy Gilbert, Holmesglen TAFE: Diploma in Landscape Design.

Garden Design

I had an amazing experience while working with Jai. His creativity is really impressive and has a wonderful flexible style. He pays attention to every minute details. My level of satisfaction while working with Jai is very high indeed and I would recommend him very strongly.

Dr. Syed Saif Akram

Garden Design

Cheswick Gardens designed our garden a few years ago. The process was genuinely consultative, thoughtful and flexible. The result was excellent. We have a beautiful yet practical garden in which we grow vegetables, the children play, and we can relax and entertain guests.
Perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay is that we have not felt it necessary to change anything in the intervening years!

Carl Benfield

Garden Consultation

Very good. Jai was professional and gave us some good insights that we otherwise would not have considered.

Tom Balzer

From Dr. Marc Theilhaber

The terms “healing” and “holistic” are so horribly overused in Australian society that I shy away from their use most of the time.

And yet, we will need to keep these as a guide on the horizon when we look at what Jai Cheswick is trying to achieve.

I was involved in a garden Jai designed for a medical clinic. The clinic is located in a building like so many others. Not particularly grand, not overly run down.

However, the yard of the clinic was in complete disarray. Jai was among the applicants for the job of design and he convinced the team very quickly with his clear vision for a ‘green healing space’ completely contained within the Australian landscape.

Jai had a deep understanding that the garden would serve a multitude of purposes. While it certainly was aimed to appeal visually to new and exisiting patients of the practice, there was also a deeper aim. The garden had to provide those with  existential worries a space where they felt safe and cared for. Jai designed a quiet space within this area that is now often used for doctor-patient discussions, despite the fact that it is outdoors.

Many patients have since commented on the serenity of this little space in the middle of a busy suburb. Like so many things in life, it might not seem like much. Yet it affects many people in difficult times of their life on a level that words often cannot reach.

Learning that Jai is committing himself to further delve into areas of Indian and Asian philosophies as applied to gardens strikes me as a fabulous match. Because no team of humans can ever be ‘holistic’ and no one is really a healer. But creating an environment that fosters serenity and thoughtfulness in those that trust themselves into it might just achieve parts of this very noble goal. I can not think of anyone more motivated and dedicated to pursue this vision than Jai Cheswick.