Healthy Green Landscapes


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Residential landscape design with a high percentage of greenery as opposed to hard surfaces has a calming, cooling effect upon the users. The image above shows a design we created for a Penny Guild home design. This included pool position and design, design of pool and utilities service area, garden walls, fences and plantings.

This Yarraville garden  is a work in progress that will continue to delight over many years. 

More photos from Penny Guild Architects can be found here.

A recently published paper outlines how greening public and private spaces can improve self-reported mental health. Paper can be found here.

Neighbourhood physical conditions have been associated with mental illness for many years and greening interventions can include removing rubbish, grading the land, planting new grass, trees and shrubs and performing monthly maintenance.

In spaces that had been greened (landscaped) and maintained) self-reported feelings of depression and worthlessness are significantly decreased and the design and treatment of blighted physical environments, particularly in urban settings, can be an important treatment for mental health problems alongside other patient-level treatments.