How to rank well on Google.

How to rank well on Google.

We became our own SEO experts & now our website ranks well on Google.

What is an SEO expert anyway ?

SEO experts seem to have a hard time describing their role in online marketing. Essentially SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) deals with getting a website to rank highly on Google for particular search phrase(s) or ‘keyword(s)’. An expert is someone that has become proficient at doing this whether they have been formally trained or learnt through trial and error.

Need some help ?

Firstly, ask yourself whether or not high SEO ranking is relative to your business. Theres a lot of time and energy involved so don’t waste that on something your business does not need.

Once we decided that we wanted to go down the SEO route we were inundated with quotes for fees ranging from $800 per month to keep our website on page 1 “guaranteed” (after getting it there) to $200 per month (to get it there, but not necessarily keep it there). We also crossed paths with experts wanting a lump sum to get our site to rank on page 1 of Google. 

This ‘guaranteed’ approach seemed strange to us. If there were 50 businesses all trying to rank well on Google and all vying for a good spot in relation to the same keywords….surely not all could be on page 1 at the same time….”guaranteed” ?

When we questioned the guarantee we were often told that of course there were no guarantees for good ranking over the long term and that the guarantee was simply to get our site to page 1.

So, if there were no guarantees of success surely we could develop our own SEO strategy and work, slowly, towards a goal with some degree of (non-guaranteed) success ?

How did we proceed?

We did actually finally decide to get some help through a freelancing site. We made contact with a very helpful Indian team that charged $60/month to get our site moving in the right direction without too much outlay and without guarantees. We were told to expect little change for the first three months and see our page move ahead slowly. This seemed sound advice. We received monthly reports of progress.

It took six months to get our site to page 2 for our keyword phrase. During this time we educated ourselves about SEO. After these six months we stopped using the services of the Indian freelancer and took over the ‘SEO Expert’ role ourselves. This had no detrimental effect on our sites ranking. After another 6 months we were on Page 1.

Our findings

Our SEO expertise relates only to our own website (and that of a colleague.) We found that wecould manage our SEO experience. This required time experimenting and naturally making some mistakes.


Keywords are words that people use to search on the web (mainly Google).A key part of deciding and discovering keywords was deciding what area we wanted our business to be ‘seen’ within and then matching that to what people were searching for and what keyword phrases they were using. For instance they might search for“yoga classes melbourne” or “garden design toorak”.

H1 title.

Once we decided that we wanted to be found for certain keywords or keyword phrases we used these keywords on the front page of our website in what is known as an ‘H1 Title’ font size.

Website domain name.

We chose a domain name that related to our area of business rather than our business name. We found that this helped both our google ranking and our potential clients to understand what we do. For instance the relates to the activity of a business rather than the business name and we did the same with

Embedded videos from You Tube (not Vimeo).

Ranking well on Google seems to equate quite highly to the visits to and time spent on our website. Google owns You Tube. Embedding videos into our website from Youtube potentially keeps people on our site for longer.

Regular site activity.

The time visitors spend on our website seems to affect Google rankings. So too does the number of visits per month. Regular informative and useful posts on our website also seems to help ranking.

Linking from other sites.

We found that getting links from other sites that rank well makes our page appear more relevant to Google.

Add new page names to Google Add URL. (now called Google Search Console)

Whenever we create a new page or blog post we add in to Google manually using Google Add URL.


The longer a site has been on the web the better it seems to rank (if all of the above are taken care of). A part of the SEO experience for us has always been to take our time and not to rush.
We hope that this article has helped in some way to ease your SEO journey. Whether or not you use an expert or choose to become one yourself its worth talking to people and learning from their experiences. 

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