Garden Journey for Mental Health

Garden Journey to Mental Health

Back in 2015 landscape architects Cheswick Consultants developed a MIFGS garden for an age where stress is the number one mental health issue for Australians and one of every 3 to 4 people suffers from either anxiety or depression within their lifetimes. We felt it was important to develop an antidote to the chaos and show how landscape, horticulture and gardening can facilitate a inner renewal.

So now in 2019 it is great to see MUSA Landscape Architecture create a MIFGS garden with a similar goal.

In collaboration with new charity sponsor Beyond Blue, Ryan McMahon (MUSA Landscape Architecture) presents Journey – a garden chronicling the path towards improved mental health.

McMahon masterfully depicts this experience both physically and metaphorically: the main axis of the garden takes inspiration from the form of an aeroplane, a symbol of “the journey” that recognizes how improved mental health positively correlates with our connection to friends, family and place.

A path snakes through the garden – loosely based on an aeroplane wing – narrow and curved at first, representing the difficultly of beginning of the journey.

Two social spaces (one featuring a sunken fire pit) are located towards the end of the path, illustrating that as the journey progresses, people may feel more inclined to reconnect with loved ones.

To the side of the path, the ground slopes to a dry creek bed to provide a contrast to an otherwise full planting garden of yellow, orange and cream flowers – hues that are a stark contrast to “blueness”, the colour and the feeling.