Where landscape and healthcare meet

In an age where stress is the number one mental health issue for Australians and one of every 3 to 4 people will suffer from either anxiety or depression within their lifetimes people are beginning to rediscover the health benefits of natural landscapes and gardens.

Senior health and well being professionals understand the benefits of designing and building therapeutic landscapes, specifically small, intimate, naturalistic spaces in urban settings.

A seated wall provides a natural curve to open up the waiting room area, providing an opportunity to sit next to, feel and smell natural plantings.

Settings designed specifically for benefits gained in terms of personal wellbeing are put together quite differently from those designed for family recreation, outdoor cooking and entertaining or to appease the local planners.

Sensory cues are used to gradually bring ones attention from the world outside of the garden to the world inside the garden. It is then that the whole body of the landscape begins to focus on or draw ones attention towards an area specifically defined and designed as 'meaningful' or ‘sacred’.

Cheswick Consultants were asked to redevelop a garden as an outdoor waiting room where people could sit in a relaxing calming environment before meeting with their GP or healthcare specialist.

Yarraville Medical Centre realised that they could provide their patients with a pleasant place to sit but were not sure how to make it work and make it fit in with the local area.

Cheswick Consultants avoided developing a super-duper 'blinged-up' garden instead opting to make the landscape feel homely, warm and comfortable. 

Despite pedestrian through traffic and streetnoise the garden provides a special, safe place for patients to sit while waiting for their appointment.

Yarraville Medical Clinic -12mths after installation

Seated Wall allows retention of soil and seating for patients.